7 November 2010 – Top 10 debut for Will Gale

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Press Releases

Twelve year old, Derby-based karter, Will Gale dived straight in with the ‘big boys’ entering a UK Motor Sports Association (MSA) affiliated event as his first ever race last weekend. Starting from the very back of the grid, Will made his way through the pack to finish tenth, in the Trent Valley Kart Championship race at the PFi Circuit near Newark. His performance in the RamTec Motorsport kart drew the interest of a number of team bosses, particularly as he held off spirited challenges from experienced national kart racers.

Despite successful involvement in both professional motorsport and professional football academies, Will is having to look outside the UK for sponsorship investment to move forward with his career. Team Boss, ex-racer and father, David Gale, said, “With Lewis Hamilton having started his career at the Trent Valley championships, the level of interest and investment means that the competition is on a par with adult national motorsport. Nothing short of a professional commitment will deliver success. Will has the talent but we don’t yet have the funding to maintain his progress. With long-term investment traditionally hard to come by in the UK, we’ve made a number of contacts overseas with organisations interested in investing in Will’s career.”



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