17 February 2011 – Launch of New Infosite

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Press Releases

Will Gale @ PFiRamTec is proud to launch its new Infosite at www.ramtecmotorsport.co.uk, delivered as a one-stop-shop for news on twelve year old Derby-based kart racer Will Gale’s progress, as well as important information for potential sponsors and investors.

Marketing Coordinator, Adele Chatterton said, “The site has our press releases, links to video, both our Sponsors and Partners Prospectuses, and other downloadable media, so that everything is in one place. We also have a free subscription facility, enabling regular automated updates via email. With direct feeds to both Twitter and Facebook, we’re fully integrated with social media and can even update the news sections from our mobile phones. The site is designed to support our global search for commercial backing.”

RamTec Motorsport team boss, David Gale, said, “I’ve lost count of the number of emails telling us that, ‘Will has a glittering career ahead of him’. That’s nonsense. Without backing Will is going nowhere, so that’s the main focus of our new Infosite. It’s interesting to note that had Lewis Hamilton been part of our Partner Programme, investors would have made £5.5m each. McLaren’s long-term investment has been repaid many times over. We need investors not well-wishers. It’s a case of: ‘No bucks, no Buck Rogers’.”



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