20 February 2011 – Will Gale at Everton FC

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Press Releases

20110220 Will Gale at Everton FCWill Gale travelled to Liverpool with Kettering Town FC to play a mixed-age Everton FC Academy side in a series of matches designed to allow each side to experiment with different shapes and configurations. Will Gale said, “Everton has one of the biggest academies in the Premiership and they moved the ball very quickly. We’ve done well against the Premiership oposition that we’ve played so far but I don’t think we were helped today by a very early start and a long coach journey.”

Will was treated to a close shave with ‘Mr Hair’, Everton’s afro-topped, star mid-fielder Marouane “Screech” Fellaini, as the host’s premiership players mingled with the Kettering visitors but that didn’t seem to unnerve the young Kettering full back. RamTec team boss, Dave Gale said, “It’s been very noticable that since Will started in motorsport nothing in football fazes him anymore. Rather than being nervous, Will now seems to rise to the big occasions but still manages to stay relaxed. It’s one of the benefits of his involvement in professional sport that feeds into everything else that he does.”


  1. RamTec says:

    What could have been, eh, Pumpa? Not done yet, son! 😉

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