6 March 2011 – Will Gale is the 2011 Winter Series Rookie Champion!

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Press Releases

An exhausted but jubilant Will Gale - Champion Rookie 2011Will Gale completed his debut kart racing campaign by winning the Trent Valley Kart Club’s Winter Series Rookie title at the final round held at the PFi International Kart Circuit on Sunday. Will survived a traumatic weekend of mechanical mishaps to get enough points in the WTP A final to secure top newcomer in the UK’s most prestigious club championship. Will said, “Our early season results meant that all we needed was a safe finish to get enough points for the title but, with two engine changes after the heats, I didn’t know if we were going to make it!”

Team boss David Gale said, “Will drove the wheels off a kart that really wasn’t competitive. He’s driving a second-hand, three year old kart against the country’s top factory teams. He has no business being on the same lap, never mind beating them!”

“Sadly, we’re now critical on funding, having only two weeks to fund our entry into the National Championships. We’re still working with our Dubai contacts to bring in long-term investment partners but I’m frankly staggered that we haven’t yet found anyone in the UK who can see the long-term commercial potential of a young driving star who is also an academy footballer at a professional club. We can certainly offer a better return than either property or the bank rate! We’re now facing the ‘stop racing’ scenario that we really didn’t want to have to contemplate.”



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