18 March 2011 – 8 hour Deadline for Will Gale

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Press Releases

Will Gale at PFiWe have just 8 hours to put a funding package together to register Will Gale for the national kart championship. Having put contingency plans in place, we had been assured that we would not be put in this difficult position in the week of championship registration but circumstances have dropped us in the sticky stuff right at the critical moment. If we miss the deadline today, we will miss the all-important first round of the national championship.

We have a fantastic package available to deliver really focussed communications on behalf of our sponsors. All the details are available in our downloadable prospectuses available from this site.

Will wanted to add his voice, “It’s not like I took the easy way for my first race. I got stuck in with the toughest competition there is, with a second-hand kart that’s so old no one else would even bother turning up with it. I had a top ten finish from the back of the grid in my first ever race meeting, won the novice trophy in my second meeting, and won the Winter Series Rookie Championship title with my last meeting. It’s the same outside school as it is inside: if you’re below average and behave badly, you get money thrown at you. Do I have to say ‘sorry’ for being good at something?”

If you call, please bear in mind that Will may be listening in as part of a school project on marketing. We had a particularly offensive call from a senior executive from one company, claiming that we were already wealthy people and not worthy of support! He evidently hadn’t watched the video on this link.

David Gale
07703 460360

A BIG thank you to the Derby Telegraph for yesterday’s story!

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