12 May 2011 – Full of Middle Eastern Promise

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Press Releases

Hamdan AdIn a sad double-whammy, having already been let down on a sponsorship deal just before the opening round of his 2011 National Championship campaign, 12 year old kart racer Will Gale has discovered that a proposed sponsorship from Dubai was part of an elaborate attempted fraud. The perpetrator used a trusted Al Raha International email address and the official signature of the Yas Marina Grand Prix Circuit.

Hamdan Ad (pictured left) sent numerous messages to the team claiming to have brokered a commercial sponsorship deal starting in May 2011. Derby-based RamTec Motorsport was hoping that this would get the team back into the running, having missed the opening round of the national kart championship early in April.

Team boss David Gale said, “We’re very careful about verifying identities, particularly with introductions that come via the internet. Fortunately, our belt and braces approach to security led us to check with the Yas Marina circuit’s senior management. Once we’d done that, it became apparent that all was not well. With the recent financial scams perpetrated within sport, particularly the Notts County FC deal that is local to us, we’ve learned to be extra-vigilant.”

Peter Rae, Communications Director at Dubai’s Yas Marina Grand Prix circuit, confirmed the email signature as ‘genuine’ but the sender was not connected to the circuit. He added, “We’re sorry but, as far as we know, this is the first time that this has happened.”

David Gale said, “It’s disgusting that anyone would try to perpetrate such an act on a 12 year old who worked so hard to win the 2011 Winter Series Rookie Championship title. It’s really not the most auspicious start to our National Championship campaign. We’re now forced to sit it out until we find the right company that wants to take advantage of the tremendous promotional package that we’ve put together.”

David Gale
+44 (0)7703 460360

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