1st December 2012 – Dave Gale moves to four wheels

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Press Releases

Dave Gale -RamTec  RT2Veteran racer and superbike racing coach Dave Gale is set to make a competitive debut in professional kart racing in 2013.

Former two wheeled champ Dave has been training hard in preparation for a switch to the gruelling four wheeled world of professional kart racing but he’s under no illusions about how tough it will be.

“I’m used to training hard so fitness won’t be an issue but I know that I’ll still have a mountain to climb. We have the advantage of knowing how to put a development programme in place having done it successfully many times before but I also know that nothing will prepare me for the first time on a four wheeled starting grid.”

Dave is currently discussing a contract for next season which he admits will be a steep learning curve: “We always make sure that the promotional programme delivers a return for our sponsors win or lose, so there’s just as much emphasis on the business putting together a really good promotional mix for our sponsors.”

David Gale
RamTec Motorsport
+44 (0)7703 460360

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