17th February 2013 – Week 4 report – Dave Gale’s 12 Week Fitness Challenge!

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Press Releases

Week 4Week 4 (ending) Sunday 17.02.13 Weight 12st 6lbs – I’m a bad, bad boy! I was out on Saturday night and in party animal mode. I never drink to excess but I didn’t get to bed until 7am so Sunday training was just not going to happen. But wait! Actually, I built my regime to accommodate exactly that eventuality so, after ‘resting’ on Sunday, I did Sunday’s weights session on Monday at lunchtime and completed the day with 1 hour of BodyJam and my abs session in the evening. Back on track! I may even try that again because I seemed to train better for the extra day’s rest. Any excuse…

Some may be alarmed at the steady increase in my body weight. Don’t be! Remember I’m on a twelve week programme, the first eight weeks of which is focused on improving strength and building muscle. Well, you can’t build muscle by starving yourself so, for now, I’m happy to let the weight increase in the certain knowledge (please, Lord!) that when I get to the ‘cut’ section of my programme it will drop off, leaving me lean and mean. The new picture tells its own story and I’m really happy with that after just four weeks. My strength has improved steadily throughout and the muscle mass increase is clear to see.

Did I restore the discipline? You can see my full Week 4 report and the ***NEW PIC*** here.

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RamTec Motorsport
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