3rd July 2013 – Gale steps up to head ‘Kids for Cash UK’ campaign

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Press Releases

KidsForCashUK.orgRace testing has been put on hold as Dave Gale steps up to take the reins of a new campaign to protect vulnerable children. Kids for Cash UK has evolved following Dave’s original November 2012 Kids for Cash Court Scandal press release that received popular acclaim as pointing to serious deficiencies and even corruption within the Family Justice system.

Kids for Cash UK (www.KidsForCashUK.org) is focused on protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and care systems. Already, Dave Gale has had one wrongfully imprisoned mother released from jail as he continues to use his professional expertise to expose malpractice and corruption in public services.

Dave Gale said, “We have a Facebook page which gives details of some of the cases that we’re running with at the moment. Eventually, we will have a website with fully documented case studies targeted at demonstrating to government exactly what needs to be done.”

“I will not pass by on the other side of the road when I see the flagrant injustice that is affecting children and, in some cases, exposing them to serious risk of sexual abuse. In the long term, I hope to carry the Kids for Cash UK logo on our race machinery to attract funding for our charity.”

David Gale
RamTec Motorsport
+44 (0)7703 460360

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