20th April 2014 – Not all of the battles are on the race track

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Press Releases

Dave GaleI’ve had a number of major issues to deal with in the past couple of years that have kept the racing on hold. Not least of the troubles has been actions by the Great and the Good that have been designed to protect them from investigations of Kids for Cash UK, a voluntary organisation that I founded to investigate malpractice and corruption in the social care and family justice systems.

First of all, I identified a ranking police officer as being responsible for obstructing a police investigation, to the detriment of a child, as a result of which I found the weight of Derbyshire Constabulary thrown into covering up wholesale malpractice and corruption.

Next, I blew the cover of Derby City Council covering up the loss of over £25 million of missed savings and double-spend on IT and business transformation projects. A tip off led to the discovery of documents confirming that council directors had been responsible for a smear campaign against me in an attempt “to close down discussion” of the malpractice. I received a formal written apology from a senior council director. The Local Government Ombudsman stated that they had no powers to intervene and that the only recourse against council officers’ libel was the High Court.

Fast on the heels of that investigation came Kids for Cash UK evidencing the industrial scale fraud of the legal aid system, with the Legal Services Commission (LSC) being complicit with dodgy solicitors in defrauding the public purse. The LSC was eventually closed down, being referenced by one minister as being ‘unsalvageable’.

Then, late in 2013, as Kids for Cash UK probed police involvement in a cover up in an historic paedophile case, I received another tip off. The suggestion that I should use a subject access request to check my records at the Criminal Records Office (ACRO) came out of the blue. It was a surprise because I knew that my record should be clean, given that I am dependent on security clearance for professional contracts but I have had some peculiar, last minute issues with contracts in the past eighteen months. The return surprised even me, with the response being a three page record of serious crime unlawfully attributed to my identity.

There has followed a claim by the Criminal Records Office that they had sent me an ‘incorrect record’ in error, this despite the local constabulary putting in place arrangements to take my fingerprints to clear the record, and despite my initial inquiry being as a result of a tip-off. The Information Commissioner’s Office has stated that it has no criminal jurisdiction over the Criminal Records Office and that it doesn’t know who has. In short, this could happen again. More recently, I have been warned by a retired officer with 25 years’ service that I have a large target on my back. Clearly, there are people in positions of power and influence who are prepared to break the law in an attempt to protect themselves.

What has this got to do with motorsport? When the chips are down, there is nothing better for dealing with adversity than having had experiences in motorsport that enable me to dig deep and keep fighting. When you’ve been flung over the handlebars at well over 100mph a few times, dusting yourself off, getting back on and fighting with every last part of your being comes naturally.

David Gale
RamTec Motorsport
+44 (0)7703 460360

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