Your brain has already worked it out… now shut up!

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Press Releases
David Gale

Dave Gale (Photo by Kalpesh Lathigra)

How many times have you had a complex problem to solve, like a maths equation or similar, and the answer has flashed into your head instantly? The answer may have been in your head but you paid no attention to it because this is a complex problem and it needs a structure and a process to work it out, right? So, you set about making your formal calculations and maybe spent some minutes doing it… only to end up with the answer that flashed into your head instantaneously!

This is the power that I call ‘back brain’. We can spend a large part of our lives working in ‘front brain’, trying to ensure that the human brain overcomes the chimp brain (ref Steve Peters) but the reality is, for ultimate performance, human brain and chimp brain are both part of front brain which is part of the problem. We need to shut both of them out of the process, relax and trust our primeval, subconscious back brain which works much faster and more fluidly. Sure, pre-programming through training and imagery has a role to play but too often athletes TRY to relax and TRY to play the imagery card. The trying works against you. Your brain has already worked it out… now shut up!

I’ve spent many years understanding and formulating techniques that help athletes get to this nirvana state. If you’ve ever been there, most likely by accident, it needs no explanation. In the heat of competition, it can feel like an out of body experience. The trick comes in learning to control it and using it to your advantage…

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