Rotax Max Kart

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While some regard spectators as the ‘studio audience’, there is considerable scope for (ATL and BTL B2B and B2C) activity both at and away from the race track. Remember that ALL of the companies involved in motorsport sponsorship have a weather-eye on who is coming up through the ranks of karting, providing a tremendous B2B opportunity for a fraction of the cost of Formula 1.

RamTec has a proven rack record of partnering with our clients’ existing agencies, having delivered £millions worth of general media coverage for sponsors in previous projects. Sponsors and agents may transfer to the exclusive Partner Programme, subject to an available slot.

We’ve already proven that karting is a massive draw at any exhibition stand, particularly when you add a hands-on kart racing game console next to the kart. We’ve also teamed up with one of the world’s best known break dance crews to deliver a completely unique promotional offering.

There’s a growing tendency for organisations to ‘market to themselves’, to their own preferences and, in some cases, their own politically correct PR. That’s fine for your industry awards ceremony but it’s not going to cut it if your target market doesn’t share those values. We now live in a social media culture where teenagers and increasing numbers of adults are switching off from mainstream marketing messages simply because they don’t address them or their interests. RamTec provides an end to end solution that encompasses social media, video production, promotional displays and general PR.

Right click here and ‘Save Target As’ for the 2013 RamTec Motorsport Prospectus

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